Why a blog?🤷‍♀️

Hello! So, you are probably wondering "Jeez why another blog mom?". Let me answer that, I am a SAHM and I'm home with a baby. So why not? This is something for me to do to share what I can, with a baby. For those of you that have kids, know it's hard to share or meet up with friends with a baby. You are literally on baby's time! Xan has a very sporadic schedule, between feedings, and naps, and cuddle time. Not to mention helping him with tummy time, bath time, and play time. It's a lot. Oh not to mention Han is 3rd grade right now. Meaning HOMEWORK! Some days Hubby and I are up until midnight helping with Homework (yes there are days it takes both of us).

This is my "me" time, my self-care time, my meet and greet time. This is where I get to share about our adventures and our days, our ups and downs, and treat you as part of our family! Not only will I share these with you, but if I find something that I find that works, and you don't know about it, or know someone that could, there we go a our own little network!

I would love to share recipes that I know work for my family. Trust me I can hear the eye roll now, no this isn't one of those blogs. I will occasionally add recipes that work, or added things that might work better (or worse depending on your tastes). This will not be flooded with recipes. Though, if we do a poll and everyone would like for me to make a section for recipes, that way it's out of the way, I could do that. For now lets keep it as is, we will cross that bridge when we get there.

For now, I'm going to leave this here and give you just a preview of what you are going to see. This is what we are about, this is nothing more than " a day in a life" or "the adventures of.." with that I bid you a farewell, and welcome to our little family!

~JT and The Boys