Chuck E Cheese

Last night my family and I went to a Chuck E Cheese. Now quick context, my BIL is a teacher (one of his many talents). His school was having a fundraiser, 20% of what we spent went to help his school. Now that that's out of the way. We had a blast!

All of us went, Hubby, Han, Xan, and myself. Hubby is an introvert, so he was done 10 minutes in. We stayed for 3 hours! Hubby was beyond done. Xan wasn't too fond of the noise but was also very interested in looking around. On the other hand, Han's Uncle (my BIL) saw the ADHD. Han was bouncing from game to game, faster than we could keep our eyes on him. Don't worry, he was with an adult at all times.

With all his tickets, you won't believe what this amazing boy did. Instead of getting himself something, he bought rings for all of us! His Dad, Uncle and I got one. So he used the last bit to get himself and his teacher one too. This kid has a huge heart. I love him so much!

We got there around 5:10 pm and ended up leaving around 8:30 pm. We all walked away with a new experience. Hubby does not want to spend 3 hours next time, and my BIL learning how hyperactive Han is. Xan is learning that places we go can be really loud, and I, adding a new chapter under my belt and a first at Chuck E Cheese. I ended up playing a game right after eating and drinking. I threw up in the bathroom. Nothing bad, just an amateur mistake. I was fine by the end of the night. Though I think it was worth it, I beat my BIL in front of his students at the basketball toss. 😜

~JT and The Boys