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Alright another about, but this one is much smaller. Ready? Good! Let's get into it. My Photography story.

Growing up in GA, my Nana (father's mother) loved to take our pictures. She lived with us, as did my Omi (mother's mom). They were really good friends and well got along and lived happily. That aside, she loved to dote on my sister and me (well they both did). My Nana, bought a new camera, it was Polaroid. Now You're thinking, "Big deal! Everyone had one, and it was one of the biggest names back then!" you're right! It was a very popular brand back then. Now, this one was unique. Not only did it spit the photo out, but the camera when you pushed the button, the camera would tell you a joke before the picture would be taken. This way it would get you to laugh for the photo. It would cycle through 10 different jokes and sayings.

"Ok JT, what does this have to do with you liking Photography?" OK, OK, here it is. Because she bought this new camera, she gave me her old Polaroid. She taught me how to use it. I mean point, and push the button. Plain and simple right? Well, for 6-year-old me, it was amazing! I could capture things that I saw. At first, I went through the first 2 batches of film (my Nana changed it out, so I wouldn't ruin the "film") just pointing and clicking away without any thought of what I was doing. Once I got that out of my system I got into capturing what I wanted everyone to see. This passion moved with me even during my theater days. Now, as an adult, there wasn't much acting in my area, so to help with my mental health, I turned to photography. I ended up getting a lot of compliments and started to become confident in my photography. I now do it on the side to help with my mental health, to share how I see the world, and if possible, to make a little on the side. Raising a baby and needing formula and clothes are a thing!

Like I said much shorter than before. I'll end up posting my photos here for you to look at. I'm always welcome to constructive criticism, and comments. Take care, everyone!

~JT and The Boys