Cursed Souls Radio

Welcome to the show that I voice act for! Ok, now I'm going to talk about this and you might see my excitement showing through. Oh well, let's jump into it!

Cursed Souls Radio was founded by Hubby's brother, my BIL. It was established back in 2019. We were a small group of actors that were called to my BIL's house. Here we are sitting in an living room while my BIL is standing there telling us about this BIG project he wants to do. Everyone in the room seems to be excited to join him on this journey. We all agree we want to be apart of this! Now, my BIL is a professional actor/singer locally. So of course we had to do this by the book. We auditioned for the part we wanted.

When I found out it was going to be a Batman type Radio show, I was to excited to try out for my girl, Poison Ivy (Hint: I got the part)! I was just content having her as my only roll, but as fate would have it, I walked out with 2 roles that night. Mind. Blown. I knew I was good, but not that good. (I mean if I wasn't good, then how did I keep getting parts?) My BIL told me that when I read a specific part (filling in so another actor could audition), now let's pause there a second. All I did was be a stand in, so the actor auditioning could be evaluated. When all was said and done, my BIL turned to me and said "Do you remember how Harrison Ford got the part of Han Solo?" (he's a HUGE Star Wars fan). I nodded, saying that he was standing in, reading some lines so Mark Hamill could get into character. Harrison Ford was just a carpenter for the sets. George Lucas liked his reading of Han Solo so much, that he hired him as the actor for the part. My BIL nodded and smiled, then turned to me and said "You're Harrison Ford. That part you just read, yeah that's yours now!" Personally, that's the best damn compliment I've had in my acting up to this point in life. We started recording the first few episodes within that month.

Now as you may guess, this all started in 2019. Then the shut downs happened early to mid 2020. Which brought everything to a halt. Does that deter this group of small actors...NO! We did what any normal acting group did. We waited until things lifted.

Now the following year 2021, we started recordings up again. This time, the main characters actor, didn't want the part anymore. My BIL knowing how invested and excited I was in the project (and being one of the only women in the group) asked me to try out for the role. I was very hesitant at first. And I mean HESITNAT! This role is so iconic, so well loved, it was hard for me. I didn't want to put his project to a halt and worse yet, I didn't want him to have to call someone. I asked him to give me a week. With that, I looked up everything on this character. Their background, their childhood (what little there is), I've watched countless video clips about this character. I practiced the mannerisms, the cadence of the talking, for a week. Even in the shower (best way to hear yourself), then the week is up. I go to audition in front of the entire group, they were all really impressed.

As of right now, this post going out, we have 3 seasons going, up to 5 recorded, and are getting ready for auditions for season 6! I'm super excited. I sat out for season 5 auditions (I was pregnant at the time, and was constantly fighting vertigo and morning sickness).

Here is S1 E1 for your enjoyment! See if you can figure out that role I was talking about. Good luck!

~JT and The Boys