My Mornings

Morning routine. Well like everyone else's I wake up change, brush my teeth, take any meds I need too. You know your typical personal stuff. I come down stairs, and at this point it's almost 7. Yes, yes I know, I do wake up later than most, I'm just not a morning person. The alarm Hubby sets goes off at 6, I'm usually up at 6:30, moving is another issue.

I make my way downstairs, and make sure Han has gotten his morning stuff done. At this time, Hubby as already taken Xan down stairs, and is feeding him. Once down stairs, I run the the list with Han. Things like
-Is your homework packed?
-Did have Breakfast?
-Did you pack your lunch?
-Did you feed the dogs?
-Did you brush your teeth?

Even though the routine has been the same for the past 3 years, he still forgets a few things here and there. It happens a few times with me as well. We try to be out no later than 7:15, unless we have to go somewhere early, this is our normal routine. Once we are all ready, we get in the car and I drive him to school. (yes I drive him, his school doesn't have easy access to a bus). We talk or listen to the radio, sometimes I let him play on my phone. Once we get to school I drop him off in the car line up, and I start to play my a video. Now normally I play it through the car speakers, but currently my car is out of commission at the moment (she needs new tires) so I take Hubby's car, I haven't hooked my phone up to his car yet, so I put in one headphone and play a true crime story. Afterward, I end up going to get a coffee, then come straight home to help Hubby with Xan. Usually Xan is asleep, which gives me more time to to finish the story.

After that I work on the blog, or I end up doing house work. Depends if I have to feed Xan after finishing my video. If I have to feed him, then blog time, if not, I pick up a few things.

Xan and I love our cuddle time. We watch a few shows on tv. Either OCTONAUTS or BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. Which is important when you read up on the Voice Acting section, it will make much more sense.

Alright well that is basically my morning. I'm trying to get into the habit of putting on makeup in the morning. So I'm always trying to get up a little earlier, we will see if that will change. Until then, this is just every morning.

Hope to see you soon.

~JT and The Boys