My Tarot Cards 🔮

My Tarot Cards 🔮
Photo by Viva Luna Studios / Unsplash

Welcome, If you are here you are probably wondering about my Tarot cards. I am currently using the Book of Shadows Volume 1 As Above . I am absolutely in love with this set! The design, color, and artwork are all amazing. This particular deck was created by the famous Barbra Moore ( and no, not the actress). There is a link that goes directly to her website, if you want to know more.

She created this deck a little differently. This is a 2 volume deck. Volume 2 is closer to the traditional Rider Waite Smith (RWS) deck. Whereas Volume 1 is of her design. A completely new system. Which is why it's a bit longer for me to learn. I always seem to interpret the card, and use the book associated with it as well to make a conclusion of what is being "told".

I wonder, should I do a daily post about a "Card of the Day..."? Maybe this should be a poll on the Facebook Page. I would like thoughts and input.

That is all I have about my current deck. I'm slowly wanting to tell you all this, not to make you feel like you're being led on or something, but to slowly let you get used to not just me but the things I do. Defiantly the "SPOOKY" posts are going to grow as time goes on. I want to make sure there is a want for it. I don't want to put all this effort into something for there not to be anything to come of it.

Until then,

~JT and The Boys