Hello Fabulous fam! This section is for people who don't really want to deal with all the "Normal" mom stuff, and also my little fun area.

Over here I get to post about my Tarot readings (if people are okay with me sharing, or they may be my own), Ghost hunting stories, Ghost stories, and just in general all things that are again not "Normal" things you find in a mom blog. Everyone is different. So, if this is not your cauldron of tea, then I ask that you please be nice and pleasant and just skip over this link. We are all adults here, we can be nice.

OK, everyone that is interested is still here? Are those who are disinterested gone? Are you sure? Did they close the door behind them quietly (the baby is sleeping)? Yes? Ok, here we go.

Yes, I do use Tarot. It's not an uncommon thing these days. Maybe one day I will talk about my beliefs and all, but all you really need to know is even Christians use Tarot. So I will leave this to you, dear readers, should I add a poll on Facebook about other things to post here?

Also, if you have any spooky stories/experiences and are willing to share, this is where they will be posted.

Until next time, take care!

~JT and The Boys