Today's Card 11/18/23

Not my original Photo. Picture from Book of Shadows Tarot set vol 1; Barbra Moore.

Today's card is Number 7, Transformation. Let's take a look at the card before we talk about the meaning behind it.

We see a woman moving between light and dark, with her wings to carry her. You could say she is transforming day into night. Now to look at the wings, and the feathers floating around. Just like how we leave behind some things in our lives, so do the feathers fall off the wings. It could be anything little, like changing a bad habit into a good one. Deciding to wake up 20 minutes earlier, so you can make breakfast instead of eating out. All these little things make up you transforming yourself into a better you. It can be very small. Or with me, I am trying to get into the habit of wearing make-up more often. This is all about our self-transformation.

Now onto the meaning of the card. This card represents Transformation, conscious reaction, movement, and change. If this card was pulled then that means, whatever little change you are doing in your life right now, is working, and keep at it. Keep that positive change in your life. This will lead to a better you. You are going down the right path meant for yourself. It is going to be challenging, like losing the feathers, but you will prevail. trust in yourself and those around you to keep up with your change. If it helps you to see the change, then keep a log with you about what you did, how you felt, and how you feel at the end of the day. All of this will add up and show you in the end how far you have come.

Until tomorrow. Take care and be safe.

~JT and The Boys