Today's Card 11/20/23

Not my Photo. Credit is given to Barbra Moore—book of Shadows As Above Tarot Deck.

Here is another card of the day! This one is the 10 of Water. This card has so much going on, and is beautiful! I love the colors and contrast in this card, The meaning behind it is even more spectacular.

We see the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as we look at the card. They are each accompanied by water sprites. As you can also tell they each hold a unique item. We also see they are all facing a different path. Also, notice the Lunar Eclipse going on in the background. A Lunar Eclipse represents a time to seek change in your life. Instead of all three of them going down the same path towards the Eclipse, we see they are all going their own way.

This card means you need to find someone. You like the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, are searching. You either need to find someone important to you either on this plane or next. Human or spiritual, they are calling out for you to find them. Keeping distance between the two of you is no longer an option. Don't ignore the signs any longer. You will need this to continue to grow as a person.

With that, I will say farewell, until next time.

~JT and The Boys