Weekend Update

This weekend was enjoyable and fun!

OK so, Saturday we mostly chilled and did some things around the house. I did some reading (I am going to share parts of the book with you guys). Han an Hubby are moving moving the boys rooms around. Xan will have Han's room and Han get's my old childhood room. Well the house was built back when I was a teen, but meh, details!

Sunday! Sunday we visited my In-laws. We see them every Sunday, and I always look forward to it! We always have a good time, and the boys enjoy it too. Though I'm not sure enjoys it most, my boys, or my in-laws. 😊

While there Hubby's aunt helped me finish my Moby Wrap, Han played Monopoly (the best he could), Xan was playing his favorite game, "Pass the Baby". When we got home, I took my brother to work, and The Boys, had much needed bonding time. When I got back I took over watching Xan. Hubby and Han went to work on the rooms again.

After a while, Hubby made dinner, and it was mouthwatering good! It was bacon wrapped chicken, with mashed potatoes, and Broccoli. The chicken was so moist and the bacon wasn't too chewy or crispy! I think Hubby added honey, I'm not too sure about that part, but oh man was it good and filling!

I was going to post yesterday, but really just wanted to spend the day with the family. I don't mind doing weekend posts. Hmm, what do ya'll think? I'd love to hear your thought's.

With that, I must dash,

~JT and The Boys